Every day in the UK, 10 children and young people are given the shocking news that they have cancer. Being diagnosed with cancer is a frightening experience and the emotional, practical and financial implications of treatment are intensely challenging.

CLIC Sargent social worker JudeSupporting families through some of the most difficult times they are ever likely to face is a job that brings more challenges than most. But CLIC Sargent Social Worker Jude has learned to celebrate the small things that make every day, even the most difficult, worthwhile.

‘I’ve been working for CLIC Sargent for 14 years now. It feels good if you’ve managed to help someone even a little bit at a very difficult time of their life.’

Yet the vital support Jude provides is only possible with public donations.  Just £23 could pay for an hour of a CLIC Sargent Social Worker’s time, which is why Pennies donations can make such a big impact.

Not only do CLIC Sargent use Pennies in their own shops, giving their customers the chance to donate that little bit extra when paying by card, but the charity has benefited from micro-donations made with partner retailers too.

Adnams CLIC press release photo 2016 Multi-award-winning UK brewer, distiller and retailer Adnams recently raised a grand total of £10,662.67 over a three month period thanks to consumers rounding up their purchases to the nearest pound.

That’s more than 1 million pennies, and could pay for over 450 hours of support for a family from someone like Jude, making a real difference when it is most needed.

CLIC Sargent Social Workers will aim to meet children and young people with cancer, and their families, soon after diagnosis and help them to understand and cope with the effects of cancer, through treatment and beyond.

‘Our families have different needs depending on the diagnosis and the stage of treatment they’re at… anything from Disability Living Allowance to grants, to identifying holidays or other resources, school issues or that a sibling is struggling with family changes,’ says Jude.

‘It can be tiring but the tiring days are the rewarding ones.’

Make your pennies count by donating digitally next time you’re shopping at a CLIC Sargent store, and watch the video below to hear first-hand about the impact Jude’s work is having.


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