What’s your routine when you go online? Do you go straight to social media, visit your favourite news site first, or perhaps it’s just a quick check of your emails and then you’re done?

Case-study-use-in-blog-only-Kathryn-McGregor-PIX-ADavies-resized-214x300For many, a vital part of going online is to connect with people who are going through similar experiences to your own. When you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, having this kind of support and good quality information at your fingertips makes the internet a welcomed resource.

You might not have realised it but if you’ve ever donated ‘electronic spare change’ at the end of your online booking with Travelodge you helped ensure that people who need it can access essential information on cancer.Macmillan Cancer Support, who benefit from the majority of donations made through the hotel company, provide essential cancer information through their website as well hosting an online community where people can chat and support one another.

For teenager Kathryn McGregor, this online forum became really important when her mum was diagnosed with breast cancer when Kathryn was just sixteen years old.

“Originally I was very scared and wanted to be able to help my mum in any way possible and the online community enabled me to ask other breast cancer patients how I could help my mum and make her feel that little bit better and happier,” says Kathryn.

“The online community also enabled me to talk to families of cancer patients and find more information on how they coped and dealt with cancer.”

After her mum’s diagnosis, Kathryn’s felt a passion to protect her mum, family and other people from the devastation that cancer can cause, leading her to study Biomedical Sciences at university. Now nineteen years old, this passion had been further heightened after Kathryn herself was recently diagnosed with a rare type of blood cancer called Essential Thrombocythemia.

Her course, her family, and boyfriend all help give Kathryn the strength with her fight against cancer and to help others by fundraising and one day becoming a scientist on the front line against cancer.

Your pennies to Macmillan help ensure people like Kathryn can go online whenever they need support or feel they can offer help to others going through similar experiences. Just £300 could pay for an expert to run an online learning discussion forum that could educate people affected by cancer on how to set up a support group. Travelodge customers raise well over three times that in just one week, making your pennies a valuable contribution towards Macmillan’s support services for people in their time of need.


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