About us

Our funding

Pennies receives a small percentage, up to 10%, of each voluntary donation made through our digital charity box. This helps us fulfil our charitable objectives, invest in the technology, grow the movement and support more charities. In time we can become self-sustaining but in the meantime we receive funding from foundations, individuals and other organisations – all helping us reach more partners, help more causes and realise our charitable mission.

Read more about our primary funding sources below:

A percentage of each Pennies donation

Receiving a small percentage of each donation allows us to maximise the immediacy of our social impact

 Foundations, trusts and individuals

Investment from these sources helps us grow the Pennies movement, leveraging our income for the benefit of the third sector

Donate direct to Pennies

We also accept voluntary donations from members of the public.  If you would like to support Pennies, and our mission to protect and grow micro-donations for the benefit of the UK and ROI charity sectors, you can donate directly through JustGiving here.

Pennies funders

A number of individuals and organisations have funded Pennies to date, from single, one-off grants to those who continue to provide us with funding on an ongoing basis.  Please see below the organisations who are currently supporting the Pennies movement with multi-year grants:

Oak Foundation logo
Pears Foundation logo
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In particular we would like to thank both the Oak Foundation and Pears Foundation who have supported Pennies from our earliest days, and continue to provide much needed core funding that is vital to the growth of Pennies and our movement. Not only do both Foundations support Pennies and all we do, but through their funding are helping create a new source of sustainable, efficient funding for UK charities, harnessing the public’s generosity and facilitating a new form of grassroots philanthropy.

We are extremely grateful for their continued, long-term support without which we simply could not have launched Pennies, or grown as rapidly as we have in our first six years, now supporting over 200 charities in the UK.

To find out more about how you, or your organisation, could fund the Pennies movement at this exciting time, as we work to reach more charities than ever before, please contact us.