About us

Our history

The Pennies journey, from concept to high street

We couldn’t believe Pennies wasn’t already a thing… so we made it.

We launched on November 1st 2010 with our first retailer, Domino’s Pizza, which gave us immediate national reach via their online ordering service. Zizzi restaurants and Travelodge quickly followed and the Pennies began to count in a big way.

As for us, we’re a passionate set of people from backgrounds including retail, finance, payments and charity – with one shared vision. We believe that it should always be possible to donate a few pennies to charity whenever you pay by card – in shops, online or in an app on the move.

We’re thrilled that our vision has become a reality. As the digital upgrade of the traditional charity box, we keep the simplicity and anonymity of dropping a few coins into a collection can, when paying by card.

There are many people and organisations that have joined the Pennies family along the way, helping us grow the micro-donations movement and giving all of our small change a big purpose!

Our milestones


November 2010
Launch with Domino’s Pizza online



June 2011
Winner of Technology4Good award

August 2011
Launch with first in store retail chain, The Entertainer

November 2011
Pennies celebrates one year on at BAFTA with 1 million donations



March 2012
‘Pennies with Zizzi’ is project of the year and wins category prize for Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility at the 8th Real IT Awards

October 2012
Domino’s Pizza launches mobile app including Pennies

November 2012
Winner of best not-for-profit IT project in the UK IT Industry awards. Pennies celebrates 3.5 million donations and 100% growth year on year at 2nd anniversary event at BAFTA.


February 2013
Robert Leitão of Rothschild Global Financial Advisory becomes Pennies’ Chairman of Trustees

May 2013
Named as a Finalist of the Google Global Impact Challenge


February 2014
Thanks to all, Pennies past the £2million raised mark, supporting nearly 100 charities

October 2014
Rontec become the first petrol forecourt retailer to offer Pennies, introducing the digital charity box to their forecourt stores at Esso petrol stations


September 2015
Pennies announces Sir Martyn Lewis as its first Ambassador

December 2015
Pennies celebrates reaching the 25 million donation mark at the end of 2015


June 2016
30 million donation milestone is reached, as the donate button has been pressed, tapped and clicked 30,000,000 times

September 2016
Pennies goes international when Domino’s Pizza adds our digital charity box to its website and apps in the Republic of Ireland


February 2017
It is estimated that the opportunity to donate using Pennies has appeared approximately 250 million times at the point of sale by February 2017

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