About us


Core to the Pennies mission is our aim to help improve efficiency and effectiveness in the charity sector, by helping charities boost their fundraising with micro-donations.  We hold ourselves to the same standard, working to maximise the impact from every penny we spend.

You can read more about how we do this in our Impact Reports and Annual Reports below:

Impact reports

Our current Impact Report 2019/20 is available here.

Pennies Impact Report 2019/20

For historic reports, see links below:

Impact Report 2018/19 PDF
Impact Report 2017/18
Impact Report 2016/17PDF
Impact Report 2015/16PDF


Annual report and financial statements

Our current Annual report is available here.

For historic annual reports, see links below:

Annual Report 2018 PDF
Annual Report 2017PDF
Annual Report 2016 – PDF

Annual reports and financial statement pre-2016 are available from the Charity Commission.