Cast your mind back to four years ago, back in 2014, you may remember a blog we wrote about the impact your donations had made to those using the services of Age UK – four years on, let’s take a look at the impact your generous donations have made to date.

The befriending service is still one of the many loved services provided by Age UK. Many older people face feeling lonely when they don’t have strong social relationships. The aim of the befriending service is to provide that friendly face and someone to talk to, combatting loneliness.

Age UK - LenAs Barbara explained four years ago, 92 year old Len, had also found that the service has made a huge difference to his life.

‘Being more or less infirm… Any visitor and Ivor in particular is very very welcome. – I would advise anybody who would like a companion to get in touch’ – Len

With your support over the last four years when buying items in Age UK high street stores, donations have soared from 5,000 to over 240,000, totalling to over an amazing £59,000 raised so far! With your small change, we can make a big difference to the lives of many older people in the UK.


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