The next in our behind-the-scenes series with the Pennies team, we asked our latest work experience volunteer Bethan about her week spent at Pennies Towers:

I was very anxious and excited when it came to starting my first week of work experience at Pennies. The thought of entering the world of work seemed very daunting and nerve-racking at first but this was very quickly changed as soon as I arrived. At first I was welcomed with warm greetings and smiles which made me instantly feel a part of the Pennies family.

During the rest of the week I gained so much more than I ever anticipated, working with the marketing, finance and IT team. In marketing I was able to research different charities and I helped them with the planning of the new impact report.  I really enjoyed going to a planning meeting about the new impact report where I was able to contribute my ideas, which made me feel like I had a real responsibility and purpose within the team.

Work experience at Pennies webWhen working with finance and IT they showed me how to upload data from their spreadsheets onto the Pennies database and how they invoice donations and grants. From this I gained a clear understanding of how Pennies operates regarding the handling of money.  As a result, I was able to learn vital skills that I will be sure to use in the future.

I was struck by how a small team can make such a big difference, raising a huge amount of money for the benefit of others; it is truly inspiring.  During my short time at Pennies I felt that the passion and enthusiasm amongst the team was shown throughout, along with their drive and determination to make the digital charity box a success.

Even though I am very sad to leave, I feel very grateful to be given this opportunity and I wish Pennies the very best of luck for the future!


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