Welcome to my first blog post for The Pennies Foundation. As we make a few changes to our website I wanted to introduce myself and thank you for your support to date. Just six months ago I had no idea that The Pennies Foundation – or the option of giving micro-donations to charity – existed. And when I heard about it my instant reaction was “Why has this never been done before?” Perhaps you felt the same way too? The concept is so simple that it’s easy to presume it must already be happening.

Since joining the team as Communications and Marketing Officer I have quickly become absorbed in the world of Pennies, and been amazed by the talent and kindness of the people who have made this fundraising method possible. It is inspiring to be surrounded by the people who have managed to turn the concept into reality, as well as grow it into the charity you see today, less than one year after launching. It’s now my job to help ensure that all of the UK discovers Pennies, just as I did a few months ago. Anyone interested in lending a hand with that task?

We hope to use this blog to give you a better insight into the world of Pennies and please do share, tweet, comment away. It is always brilliant to hear what our supporters are thinking. There are exciting months ahead for Pennies as we gain momentum and march forward to our one year anniversary in November. Between now and then our team will share snippets from our base in the heart of London, as well as from the charities that are already benefiting from Pennies. It’s going to be an exciting season…


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