Since launching just under three years ago, donations made via Pennies have supported over 70 different charities, from Macmillan to RNIB.  But it’s not just national charities that have benefitted.  Smaller initiatives making a difference in local communities have also been receiving donations, thanks in part to technology partners like Cardsave.

The Grimsby-based payment provider Cardsave - St Andrews Hospiceoffers Pennies to its network of small and medium sized retailers in the surrounding area, with over 30 independent merchants signing up to the scheme so far, in support of locally based St Andrew’s Hospice.

To date, they have raised over £3,200 in support of the hospice, and the 800 local residents it provides care for.

A number of charity shop chains have also begun using Pennies and Cardsave, raising substantial additional funds to support their own vital work.  The Trussell Trust has been using Pennies to raise money in its own shops, helping combat food poverty and social exclusion in the UK, while cancer charity Tenovus has been collecting donations via Pennies in its shops across Wales, the Midlands and Western England.

Other charities that have benefitted so far include the Woking Community Furniture Project, who help provide low cost, donated furniture to the local community, and St Oswalds Hospice, whose charity shops in the North East have seen over £700 worth of donations via Pennies so far.

In just two years, a total of over £7,000 has been raised just 25p at a time via local retailers and charity shops using Pennies and Cardsave, helping fund work and initiatives that might not otherwise receive regular support.  Look out for the Pennies finger by the till next time you’re shopping on your local high street, and with your help, we can raise even more.


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