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The Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation (YWPF) is a dynamic catalyst for inspiring people to support animal conservation. The charity has been central to a variety of international initiatives to help save a range of at risk species including Amur Leopards and Tigers, Polar Bears, Lions in the wild and the Painted Dog. The YWPF was founded in 2013 to promote and advance the conservation and welfare of endangered wildlife both in their natural habitat and in captivity and to educate and inspire the animal lovers.

As well as working on supporting efforts with ALTA to save the Amur Leopard and Tigers from extinction, its flagship initiative has been Project Polar. This helped create one of the most advanced and largest Polar Bear reserves in the world – now home to four of the world’s largest mammals. Your micro-donations, made when buying tickets at Yorkshire Wildlife Park kiosks, support these vital projects – including the Foundation’s recent work with the IUCN on climate change initiatives.

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