Believe in children 

In 2018 Barnardo’s reached 301,100 children, young people, parents and carers in the UK. They are a national charity, with a local impact, delivering over 1000 services across the UK which are vital to transforming children’s lives. The charity believes that every child deserves to get the best out of life, regardless of their background or what they have been through. Through services like fostering and adoption, disability inclusion groups, support for young carers, and care leaver projects, the charity strives to ensure that over 150 years since its founding, these services are still at the heart of what they do.

It is amazing to have reached so many children and families in 2018, but Barnardo’s needs to be able to step in sooner, and adapt to the challenges facing young people today. By focusing on Stronger Families, Safer Childhoods and Positive Futures, Barnardo’s will reach out to more vulnerable children and help them improve their life chances – and your micro-donations, made through Pennies with partner retailers and at the till in Barnardo’s own charity shops, can help them achieve this.

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