Deafblind UK

Supporting people with combined sight and hearing loss

Deafblindness is the loss of sight and hearing to the point where someone’s communication, mobility or ability to access information are impacted.

Living with deafblindness can be frightening, lonely and confidence-draining. Everyday things like finding information, cooking, leaving the house, even talking to family and friends, are exhaustingly difficult. Over 400,000 people living in the UK are affected by deafblindness and this figure is growing all the time.

For the past 90 years, Deafblind UK has provided vital support to people who are deafblind, helping them to live the life they want. They do run social groups, provide companions, teach people how to connect with the outside world, resolve personal issues with benefits, care and access to health services, and are simply there when people want to talk.

Your micro-donations have helped Deafblind UK to help people build their confidence and independence; continuing their lives beyond sight and hearing loss.

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