Improving the World’s Oral Health 

Dentaid is a charity that works tirelessly to improve access to dental care. It’s a sad fact that in the UK, 70% of homeless people have experienced dental problems since living on the streets and 30 per cent are currently suffering from toothache. But when life is difficult and chaotic, they face many barriers to accessing dental services and often live with long term dental pain.

Dentaid’s two UK mobile dental units visit soup kitchens, night shelters and day centres where volunteer dental professionals provide emergency pain-relieving treatments and oral health programmes for homeless and vulnerable people.

By taking a dental service to locations where our patients already feel safe and comfortable, we can help to break down barriers and give them an opportunity to see our friendly and understanding dental teams. We also make sure they all have a toothbrush, toothpaste and receive oral health advice. By restoring their smiles, we help to improve our patients’ self confidence and ensure that the most vulnerable people in our society get the dental treatment and advice they need.

Bupa Dental Care partnered up with Pennies in November 2019. Thanks to your support, Dentaid is improving oral health – one smile at a time.

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