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Every day, people across the South West face sudden, drastic medical emergencies, and without the right care at the right time many of these people would lose their lives from critical injuries and illnesses. That’s why the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity exists, to save those lives that would otherwise be lost. Despite being one of the youngest air ambulances in the country, they’re one of the busiest, responding to roughly 4 incidents every day. These are patients that need them throughout Bristol, Bath, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire and parts of Wiltshire.

They carry a Critical Care Paramedic and doctor, alongside equipment and drugs not found on a road ambulance, effectively operating as a mobile emergency medical department. People across the South West rely on this crew to save their lives, and the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity relies on donations and voluntary support to deliver their life-saving service. This is why your micro-donations are so important, and have made such a difference.

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