Heads Together

Changing the conversation on mental health

Heads Together is a national mental health initiative of The Royal Foundation. Launched in 2016 by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, Heads Together began as an awareness campaign to change the conversation on mental health and tackle the stigma that prevents people from getting help. The campaign brought together eight inspiring mental health charities with decades of experience and each with its own specific mental health focus. 2017 saw the first ever ‘Mental Health Marathon’, and one of the largest public health and awareness campaigns in the UK for many years.

The campaign made an impact on people’s lives with clear evidence more people are now comfortable talking about their mental health. In May 2017, 1.5 million more people were talking about mental health, compared to three months earlier. Since the start of 2018 they’re working with partner charities to launch and deliver a series of innovative new mental health programmes focusing on schools, workplaces, the military and online so that people can find the right help, when they need it most.

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