ROSA, the UK fund for women and girls

Rosa is a grant-making charity that funds grassroots women’s organisations, helping to make the UK fairer and safer for women. They pool funds from companies, individuals and foundations, and invest in women’s organisations who are working to tackle the issues of our time.

Organisations and projects funded by Rosa include mentorship for girls, sexual harassment advice lines, campaigns to end pregnancy discrimination, support services for migrant women, government policy advocacy groups, and much more.

They not only invest, but champion grassroots women’s organisations and support donors to understand why funding specialised, women-led services is vital to gender equality. Additionally, they create networks of women’s organisations that can connect on and offline with other sectors and industries to catalyse change.

The micro-donations made through Pennies with partnering retailers will ensure that Rosa can continue the amazing work they’re doing to uplift and empower women.

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March 2020

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