Royal Association for Deaf people

Promoting equality for Deaf people through accessible services

Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD) is committed to ensuring Deaf people have access to accessible services in their first language, and are proud to support Deaf history, culture and language. All of RAD’s services are delivered in British Sign Language (BSL) and include sign language interpreters and a 24 hour emergency service, support for Deaf people seeking employment and information and advice on benefits, housing and debt management.

RAD also supports older Deaf people, Deaf teenagers moving into adulthood and activities for families with Deaf members.  In addition, the charity works with mainstream organisations to help them ensure their services are accessible to Deaf people and has developed a range of quality marks to help to promote accessible services for Deaf people. Your donations, made by rounding up your bill in Adnams Cellar & Kitchen Store, have helped continue to promote equality for Deaf people.

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