The Multiple System Atrophy Trust

UK’s leading charity supporting people affected by multiple system atrophy

The Multiple System Atrophy Trust is the UK’s only charity supporting people affected by MSA – a rare neurological and terminal disease with no known cause or cure that affects people between the ages of 50-60.

A person with MSA experiences a fast progression of the disease deteriorating quickly to a reduced quality of life. They will not be able to swallow solids; experience falls resulting in broken bones and hospitalisation; speech will be heavily impaired, and they will have bladder problems eventually resulting in total incontinence.

The Trust provide resources and information for people living with MSA, including an email and telephone helpline with Nurse Specialists to provide advice on symptom management.  They also run a network of local support groups across the country that enables people to meet others with MSA, so they no longer feel alone.

The charity rely entirely on voluntary donations and with your micro-donations and support can carry on helping people living with MSA and their families.

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