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Changing the life stories of disadvantaged children

The National Literacy Trust is an independent charity dedicated to raising literacy levels. One person in six in the UK struggles to read and write, which compromises their education, health, confidence, happiness and employability. The National Literacy Trust believes that literacy provides a way out of poverty and a path to a fairer society. The charity runs literacy projects in deprived communities, gives books to disadvantaged children, supports schools to transform teaching and helps young people to develop the skills and confidence they need to get a job.

In 2016/17 the National Literacy Trust directly supported the literacy of over 100,000 children and worked with 3,500 schools. Its work focuses on critical moments in literacy development where the greatest impact can be made. The charity relies on donations to continue to support children, young people and families across the UK, which is why your micro-donations have been so important, helping to transform futures for children like Tom.

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