The RFU Injured Players Foundation

Life-long support for catastrophically injured rugby union players

The RFU Injured Players Foundation (IPF) is an official charity of the RFU, providing immediate and life-long support for all rugby union players, both amateur and professional, who sustain a catastrophic spinal cord or traumatic brain injury, to empower them to live a full and independent life. The charity also funds research into the causes and outcomes of catastrophic injury, identifying the best ways to prevent and treat it, and funds and informs training of rugby coaches, players, referees and volunteers to protect players from catastrophic injury.

Says Bill Beaumont, captain of the IPF Ambassadors XV: “I’m asking every member of the rugby family to work together as a team. With your support it’s no exaggeration to say that we can make a huge difference.” Your pennies, donated at RFU stores, have done just that, raising enough to help the Injured Players Foundation cover the cost of retraining several injured players for new careers.

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