Toe In The Water

Competitive sailing for injured servicemen and women

Toe in the Water, which wrapped up its charitable activities in late 2015, used competitive sailing to re-inspire profoundly and traumatically injured servicemen and women, helping them to see beyond their injuries, and perform to their limits regardless of physical condition. Competitive sailing is a physically and mentally challenging adventurous sport and provides a unique opportunity for injured men and women to re-engage and re-integrate whilst racing on equal terms with their able bodied contemporaries.

Toe in the Water’s services were based on the clinical referral of patients who were identified by the rehabilitation team. From the outset, the charity aspired to close once that ‘clinical need’ had ceased, a position the charity found itself in come 2015, having helped significant numbers of injured service people. Your donations helped Toe on the Water reach its goal, helping people like Peter find a different, positive form of rehabilitation in sailing.

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