YoungDementia UK

YoungDementia UK exists to help people whose lives are affected by young onset dementia.

YoungDementia UK is the only dedicated national charity for younger people with dementia and their families between the ages of 30 and 65.

It is a life-changing condition to have at any age, but when you are younger and believe you have a long and full life ahead of you, the impact is significantly different.  Unfortunately, in many parts of the UK, services to support those with dementia are focused on the needs of older people and aren’t appropriate for someone of working age.

Too many people are isolated and left to manage their condition alone. The consequence is unfulfilled potential, wasted years and lives made unbearable. YoungDementia UK is here to help those affected by this challenging condition to continue to live life well, by providing support, social events and information.

Your micro-donations can make a huge difference to young people affected by dementia by helping YoungDementia UK provide support to them and their families. 

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