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One of the leading opticians in the UK

Boots Opticians is one of the leading opticians in the UK with 636 practices, of which 182 operate on a franchise basis. De Rigo, a world leader in the design, production and distribution of high-end eyewear and sunwear, owns a 42% minority interest in Boots Opticians which it obtained in 2009 after Boots Opticians merged with Dollond & Aitchison to create the second largest optical chain in the UK. In August 2013, Boots Opticians became the first multiple optician in the UK to include digital retinal photography as a standard element of its eye test for customers of all ages.

Boots Opticians’ commitment to improving child literacy, highlighting the important link between eye health and literacy rates, led the company to partner with the National Literacy Trust in 2015. In 2016, Boots Opticians added Pennies to the tills its core practices, offering customers the chance to donate a few pence to charity when they pay by card and support the company’s efforts to break the cycle of illiteracy for disadvantaged children like Tom.

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