Back in September we launched our latest Impact Report, which this year featured first hand stories from some of the remarkable charities your pennies support.

If you took a look at the report, you may well remember Chloe and her story: the young girl who, having lost her leg to cancer, found a new lease of life during her rehabilitation with the help of an adapted bicycle from Cyclists Fighting Cancer. We loved this story here at Pennies, so thought we’d share it in full on our blog too!

Chloe was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her right leg in 2013. She had been an incredibly active girl but as a result of her cancer, had to have her right femur replaced with a prosthetic metal implant.

chloe-webAfter surgery Chloe had very limited movement in her right knee which had a huge impact on her life. She was no longer able to play her favourite sports and had difficulty riding her bike because her knee didn’t bend beyond 90 degrees.

That’s when Chloe’s mum and dad got in touch with Cyclists Fighting Cancer. Chloe didn’t want a trike – she already felt different enough from her friends – so they enquired about adaptations that could be made to a standard bike. By adding a ‘crank shortener’ to a new bike, Cyclists Fighting Cancer made it possible for Chloe to rotate the right pedal without needing to bend her knee beyond 90 degrees.

As she builds her strength and range of movement in her knee the bike can be gradually adapted until she is able to resume normal movement and will not need the adaptation at all.

Said Chloe’s mum:

“Chloe has not been off her bike since she got it. She’s been riding two miles to school when the weather is fine… the difference her bike has made is unbelievable. She now feels like a normal child and can keep up with the other kids when she’s playing out. It has made such a difference to us all as we can see Chloe doing things the way she did before her diagnosis.”

In the grand scheme of things a new bike, with a few modifications, doesn’t cost a lot – but such a small action not only improves health, fitness and mobility, but can make a huge, positive emotional impact too.

You’ve raised over £40,000 for Cyclists Fighting Cancer to date, rounding up your purchases to the nearest pound in Evans Cycles stores and at Not only do these donations fund specially adapted bikes and trikes, but they also help Evans Cycles fund a specially trained Cancer Exercise Specialist to liaise with families and their medical support team to formulate individual exercise programmes – helping children and young people like Chloe get moving again.

Thank you for continuing to round up your pennies to causes like Cyclists Fighting Cancer and giving your small change a truly big purpose.


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