Hospitality and venue solutions provider Verteda Ltd (formerly Agilysys (Europe) Ltd) has extended its partnership with Pennies, the digital charity box. The micro-donation offering was already integral within Agilysys InfoGenesisTM Point of Sale solutions, and is now available to users of the unique Qjacker® App.

Qjacker® enables customers at stadia and arenas to pre-order snacks and refreshments online or via their smartphone before or during an event – so avoiding queues when collecting orders via dedicated Qjacker® lanes.

“Micro-donations can be a powerful force, and our partnership with Pennies means sports fans and concert goers can help worthwhile causes by giving a few pence when they make a purchase,” said Trevor Roberts, Sales Director, Verteda Ltd. The charities supported are also chosen by the venue, so this can be a national charity or even a specific team’s charitable foundation.

An independent UK charity, Pennies modernised the old custom of dropping a few pennies into a charity box, for use with digital purchases. The user might only donate a small amount at a time, but these donations add up fast. Pennies has raised over £2.4million so far and if all UK cardholders gave a penny a day, this would raise over £150 million each year for charities.

Pennies’ integration with Verteda’s Qjacker® app – which can be downloaded for free in the App stores or – has the potential to raise even many more funds for charity, as Qjacker® continues to increase in popularity. Time and motion studies show the app enables stadia to better cope with “pinch points” and serve more fans in limited sales windows, with reductions in serving time from 10 minute‟s queuing to only 40 seconds. For venues and operators, Qjacker® has been shown to help generate 5-10% of incremental sales for each event and a 20-30% lift in customer spend – all of which has the potential to benefit Pennies.

“We’re delighted that Pennies will now be available to even more UK sports and entertainment fans” added Trevor Roberts, Verteda Ltd. “Fans using Qjacker® just need to decide if they want to add a few pennies to their bill when they pre-order and pay for refreshments. It’s as simple as that. We’ve actually been working with Pennies since 2011 and have formed a strong partnership.” Pennies technology is already well integrated in Verteda point of sale solutions that utilise the award-winning InfoGenesis™ POS software from Agilysys, Inc.



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