Back in June 2011, The Entertainer toy shops became the first retailer to start using Pennies in-store.  Nearly two and a half years later, their customers are still raising amazing sums of money for children’s hospitals up and down the country.

Drawings - Birmingham Childrens HospitalOne of the hospitals benefitting from this generosity is Birmingham Children’s Hospital, who in the past have used funds raised via Pennies to bring a new lease of life to their emergency department.  Now, they face a new challenge – building one of the UK largest children’s cancer centres.

The current 25 bed Cancer Unit is always full to capacity and increased demand means that the ward and treatment areas have become cramped and unsuitable for the needs of the hospital’s young patients and their families. Children can be on the ward for weeks and months at a time but have little room for their own toys and belongings that help to make them feel at home and a very small parents room is unwelcoming and small.

“The unit has been in constant use for 12 years. We rarely find ourselves with beds to spare, and so the facilities have been worn down and we need to replace them,” says Dr Martin English, Consultant Paediatric Oncologist at the hospital.

With the help of donations from the general public, BCH plan to build a centre that meets the needs of children facing cancer and their families.  Patients can often spend five or more hours a day, several days a week, having chemotherapy treatment.  A brand new chemotherapy suite will be a key feature of the new centre.

The centre will also include spacious, comfortable bedrooms with room for parents and bright, colourful playrooms that will offer children a place to forget about their conditions and simply be children. Watch the video below to find out more about the appeal:

The Children’s Cancer Centre appeal is already half way towards reaching its £4 million fundraising goal and the best thing is, your pennies can help raise even more.

Branches of The Entertainer have seen over 1 million small change donations via Pennies so far amounting to over £380,000 for charity, £66,000 of which has gone directly to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  By simply continuing to round up your purchases to the nearest pound when paying by card at The Entertainer, you’ll be helping to make this reimagined cancer ward a reality.


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