From September 2017 to December 2018 customers at MFG were given the opportunity to donate to charity when buying petrol and other necessities. MFG is the largest independent forecourt operator in the UK with around 900 stations operating under the BP, Shell, Esso, Texaco, JET and Murco fuel brands.

With your spare change, Pennies have been able to donate over £150,000 from selected MFG roadside retail stores to Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex (AAKSS), supporting them on their life-saving missions.

The Air Ambulance charity provides a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service which operates 24 hours a day. Last year alone, they were called out to help over 2,000 people in life-threatening conditions. Their two helicopters can reach any part of the region within 20 minutes. This ensures that they will be there quickly for the most critically ill and injured whenever called upon.


Jim’s story
Jim had been involved in a life-threatening accident when out cycling one Sunday afternoon. His injuries included a broken spine, multiple breaks to his facial and jaw bones, a broken sternum and broken ribs. He also lost some teeth and suffered a bleed to his brain. He had no recollection of the accident.

When the air ambulance team arrived to the scene, Jim was anaesthetised immediately at the roadside. This was vital as it would prevent his airway from being blocked by blood and would also prevent additional swelling to the brain.

Jim’s wife, Amy, was 9 months pregnant at the time and gave birth to daughter Mabel 5 days after the accident.

I didn’t know if Jim would even pull through to meet our new baby and I had no idea what the future now had in store for our young family

Amy, Jim’s wife

Jim was put into an induced coma for a week and then intensive care for the following 2 weeks.

He has now, thankfully, made a miraculous recovery thanks to the quick response from the AAKSS crew. Without this charity and your generous donations, the future may not have been so bright for Jim and his family.

Beneficiary from Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex

Without the fast response from this amazing charity, I don’t know if Jim would still be here today or what kind of brain injury he could have been left with. I am so grateful that, thanks to all those who support, this service was there for us when our family needed it.

Amy, Jim’s wife


Your impact
Every donation is vital so that the charity can continue to innovate and improve the care that they can give. We never know when our friends, family or we ourselves will be in a situation where we may need this important service. To show how much a few pennies can really make a difference – on average, in just one day across the MFG stores that were supporting AAKSS, customers raised enough to pay for a bespoke kit bag for on board the air ambulance.

Every day, I work with my team to provide the best possible care to our patients. It’s great to know that the people of Kent, Surrey and Sussex are working with us too, and helping us to continue what we do. All of this really does make a difference and save lives, thanks to your support!

Jonathan Leung, Doctor

One penny can have a massive impact, much greater than what you would have originally thought. The spare pennies that you donated throughout MFG sites across the UK supported 20 regional air ambulance charities such as this one to help save many lives. Your digital pennies have made a meaningful difference to the local communities in which we live in – so, thank you.

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  1. Gordon Robertson

    The simplest solutions can be the best. Wonderful pragmatism in action. Well done all.


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