Here at Pennies we are big champions of feel-good giving – we even dedicate a month to celebrating it every year (get the low-down of this year’s Feel-Good Feb here). At the heart of Pennies is the idea that helping others in small ways can make people feel good: whether it’s by using your expertise to help develop the micro-donation movement, because you’ve received vital support from a benefiting charity, or of course just the thrill we all get from donating!

Lots of people would associate giving time, money and resource to charity with feeling good and the positive reinforcement it brings, and we ourselves have previously looked at some of the reasons why digital giving, in particular makes us feel good.  But what else does giving to charity do for us? International Day of Happiness got us thinking about some of the other positive effects doing good for charity can have.International Day of Happiness graphicIt makes you more attractive
According to an article from UK Fundraising last year, charitable giving makes people more attractive to others – who’d have thought it?! Research from eharmony and JustGiving shows that charitable giving boots perceived levels of attractiveness. It also found that people who are shown to be more generous and charitable in their profiles received around 80% more messages.

It makes you healthier
Studies into happiness suggest that people who give to charity have lower blood pressure, so if being more attractive wasn’t enough, how about being healthier? The study looked at people’s blood pressure before and after giving, and found it fell when people gave significantly to causes, but did not change when they spent money on themselves. This shows that doing good for others can have a positive effect on our bodies as well as our emotions.

It boosts your brain-power
In addition to being more attractive and healthier, doing good could also make you smarter! We have found research that says by practicing gratitude, you give yourself the opportunity to focus on the good things surrounding you, allowing your brain the capacity to relearn how to positively process information.

Perhaps you’re donating to a charity that helped you or a loved one through a tough time, or thanking those friends who sponsored your recent charity challenge – either way, your gratitude fuels your brain and could even help you make better decisions in future. So not only is this a tick in the box for ‘feel-good giving’ but also expresses the power of the ‘thank you’ (two tenets at the heart of the Pennies movement).

Adding a Pennies donation

In a world where many people are too busy to dedicate time and resource to charity, or simply don’t have the cash to drop a few coins in a charity collection box, Pennies is on hand to give people the opportunity to give a little and feel good about it. The next time you come across our digital charity box why not press ‘YES’ and donate a few Pennies – it could make you happier, healthier and brainier too.  


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