As the beneficiary of our first community initiative, St Andrew’s Hospice sees donations coming in every day from customers of local independent shops in Grimsby and Cleethorpes. And with it costing the hospice £8,219 each day to provide care to patients of all ages, every penny they receive is vital to keep their services running.

Kelly - Nurse - St Andrews HospiceHundreds of donations are made every week by local shoppers, adding up to £1,000 for the hospice so far. For the nurses taking care of adults and children at the hospice these donations can make a big difference, as paying for nursing staff and the care they provide is the hospice’s greatest expense.

Senior nurse Kelly leads a team at St Andrew’s who take care of seriously ill children, ranging from those in respite care for a few days and the day patients who arrive each day.

“No week is really the same which is why I love what I do – it really is a vocation not a job,” she says.

Kelly and her team have recently been supporting a family in crisis and have been open 24/7, putting a strain on their resources.

“Everyone is so determined to ensure we provide the best service possible to patients and their families that everyone has worked additional shifts so the family is fully supported,” explains Kelly.

“I work closely with families and with our medical director on a daily basis to ensure that the very best care is delivered. Recently a family lost their baby and we brought the baby back to the Hospice and they used the “special room” for several days, so that they were able to spend time with their baby and say their goodbyes in a homely supportive environment.”

Kelly and her team rely on people donating to the hospice to make sure they can continue supporting patients and families. St Andrew’s ‘Adopt a Nurse’ fundraising initiative encourages people to donate what they can to help cover the costs of hiring nurses for the hospice.

And your pennies are playing their part! The £1,000 raised so far via Pennies would cover one night in the Children’s Hospice, supporting the nurses to help patients and families in need of 24/7 care. So, if you’re local to Grimsby and Cleethorpes and come across the option to donate via Pennies in one of the shops in town, remember how your pennies can really help make a difference.


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