For over 30 years, Alzheimer’s Society has provided help, care and services for the hundreds of thousands of people across the UK living with dementia, working to improve their quality of life, and the lives of their families and carers.

Singing-for-the-Brain-post-image-fullOne of the ten charities benefitting from a percentage of the donations made by customers at a number of Pennies retailers, Alzheimer’s Society has received a total of £26,730 to date, money that helps fund vital support services like Singing for the Brain, a localised singing initiative that stimulates brain activity, helps build self-esteem and encourages community through group singing sessions.

For people with dementia, such services make a huge impact. Linda never considered herself a singer or an artist, but thanks to creative initiatives like Singing for the Brain, she has not only been given an opportunity to develop new talents, but also been provided with a fun, social environment to meet other people who live with and understand her condition, and the needs of her husband and carer.

Far from being a diagnosis that changed her life for the worse, Linda found a far better quality of life than she could ever have hoped for after being referred to Alzheimer’s Society and benefitting from the tangible help they provide. You can see Linda tell her story in her own words below.

Of the £26,730 raised for Alzheimer’s Society through our partner retailers so far, £15 could pay for someone like Linda to enjoy a Singing for the Brain session, while £740 could give a person with dementia weekly singing sessions for an entire year. This is all thanks to customers up and down the country donating their electronic change, just a few pennies at a time.


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