If you gave a child 50p and took them down to the shops, what do you think they could get? Probably not a lot – 50p hardly covers the cost of your average chocolate bar these days.

The fact it’s such a smToyBoxCollage1-300x87all amount is probably why so many customers booking a room online with Travelodge have been happy to add an extra 50p to their booking at the checkout as a donation to charity. But what is an easy and affordable donation for a Travelodge customer, is actually making a big impact to the lives of disadvantage kids around the UK.

As one of the main charities to benefit from donations made online at Travelodge, KidsOut have received around £30,000 through Pennies. Recently, some of these pennies have helped the charity buy thousands of toys for children. In a few weeks time, in a Fed Ex distribution centre in Stansted Airport, these toys will be packed up into boxes by volunteers, ready to be sent out to children over the coming 12 months.
Packing-Day-2_resizedforweb-216x300The toy boxes will go to children who have been rehoused as a result of suffering from experiences such as domestic violence or serious abuse. As well as providing comfort to help make this transition a little easier, a toy box is a great help for kids starting to make new friends in a new community.

Forty volunteers will be working to pack up 1300 toy boxes, filled with games, books and teddies that could only be bought thanks to public donations like those from customers at Travelodge.

To find out more about how your pennies have made a difference to the lives of children helped by KidsOut, watch this video about the charity’s innovative projects.


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