Alzheimer’s Society has been a charity partner of Pennies for over two years, currently receiving a percentage of donations made by customers at several of our retail and hospitality partners.

Penny by penny, donations made through our retailers have built up to a hearty £21,040 for this charity, helping them to improve the quality of life for people effected by dementia.

For people like Sheila, whose husband Peter Carr used to be a dynamic, lively actor but now lives in a care home for people with dementia, this support from Alzheimer’s Society helped her cope after Peter’s condition deteriorated.

Sheila came to an Alzheimer’s Society drop in surgery for carers, where she could get help and advice from a Dementia Support Worker. These surgeries are held locally and give carers a chance to understand more about dementia and to identify services that could help them. Sheila met Support Worker Karen, who has been there for her for over two years as she copes with Peter’s dementia.

“They’re always there for you and someone always rings you back very quickly when you phone. If there’s an emergency, they’re there sorting things out,” says Sheila.

Even donations as little as one penny help ensure people like Sheila get the support she needs because if everyone joins in donations quickly add up. Just £1,600 of the £21,000 raised so far could pay for a carer to spend an hour a week for a year with an experienced dementia support worker, learn coping strategies, and feel better able to take of their own health and wellbeing.

You can find out more about Sheila and Peter’s experience and the support provided by Alzheimer’s Society by watching the short film above or to hear about others ways your pennies make a difference listen to this podcast.


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