Yesterday was Random Acts of Kindness Day, and this week during #FeelGoodFeb, we’re focused on all things volunteering. This got us thinking about our favourite ways to feel good by doing good – all small, ‘accessible’ acts of kindness and micro-volunteering opportunities that can make someone’s day.

1. Gift a pizza

Everyone loves pizza, right? If flowers aren’t your thing – send someone a pizza! Whether you want to make someone smile, make sure they aren’t hungry, or just want to do something nice, randomly send them a pizza (just make sure they will be there to accept it, of course)!

Domino's Pizza - staff in a Domino's kitchen adding fresh toppings to pizzas


2. Impromptu charity shop drop

Clearing out your wardrobe, or that cupboard under the stairs, doesn’t need to be a nightmare. Just fill one carrier bag with a few things you no longer need today, and drop them off at your local charity shop tomorrow. Charity shops are thriving at a time when consumers need and want affordable, responsible ways to shop. Look out for the likes of Age UK, Barnardo’s and The Trussell Trust on a high street near you, and get that feel-good feeling by clearing out something unwanted and helping someone who needed just that.

Tenovus Cancer Care charity shops - every penny makes a difference and helps Tenovus Cancer Care ensure its services can reach everyone who needs them in their community


3. Buy one, give one

It’s easy to forget that not everyone has the luxury of wandering the supermarket (however luxury or not you think it may be)! The next time you feel like treating your colleagues to a sweet treat or a Friday beer, try buying something extra along with that important box of shortbread. Pop that extra essential item in the foodbank basket or bin at your local supermarket as you head out the door, and you’re bound to leave with a smile on your face and make a difference too.

The Hammersmith and Fulham Trussell Trust Foodbank


4. Make your Pennies count!

Call us biased, but why not give your spare change to charity when you make your next purchase? If only that was possible when paying by card, I hear you say? With Pennies, you can! Just like dropping your coins in the collection tin, donating via Pennies is ad-hoc, affordable and anonymous. Be part of something bigger, as your pennies add up to make a huge difference to charities like Teenage Cancer Trust, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, Blue Cross and hundreds more. Find out where you can donate here.

Chip and pin pic - every 3 seconds


5. Say thank you

Here at Pennies, we are huge advocates of a thank you – appreciating our partners, funders, supporters and all the customers choosing to donate via the digital charity box. Saying thank you costs nothing, and we as humans like to feel valued – you can really brighten up someone’s day by extending your appreciation. Next time someone does something for you, however big or small, say thanks and let them know you appreciate it. Not only will they feel good but you will too!


You don’t have to run a marathon or jump out of a plane to make a difference. Small acts can certainly make a big, big difference – as proven by the micro-donation movement. Join in with us this #feelgoodfeb, and do good to feel good.


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