With Christmas just around the corner, we’re seeing record numbers of donations being made every week. Customers at The Entertainer have once again shown incredible generosity this festive season, with their pennies adding up to nearly £15,000 just last week alone! One of the charities benefiting from these donations is Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, which has received an impressive £37,159 through Pennies so far.

Charlie and Mum - GOSHThese donations have gone towards helping the charity build the new Morgan Stanley Clinical Building at Great Ormond Street Hospital which opened officially in June 2012.

Specifically, your pennies have helped to create and support The British Kidney Patient Association Children’s Kidney Centre. The new Kidney Centre on Eagle Ward provides care for children with renal problems such as kidney failure, patients on dialysis or those having a transplant – patients like Charlie.

Charlie’s mum explains: “Charlie has been coming to Great Ormond Street Hospital since he was four weeks old, having been diagnosed with congenital nephrotic syndrome which is a form of chronic kidney disease. As a result he spent eight months on Victoria Ward as an inpatient. Whilst the care we have received has always been fantastic, the old facilities weren’t great. When you are spending such a long time in hospital, the environment becomes really important. On Victoria the room in which we stayed was small and dark and there was no room for him to play. There was also only one bathroom on the ward which we shared between all the children and families.”

Now, supported by  your donations, the new kidney centre on Eagle Ward has been built to provide a much improved space for critically ill children and their families.

“When I first saw Eagle Ward I was amazed – it’s so much bigger and lighter and I feel so much more comfortable in the new facilities,” says Charlie’s mum. “Having your own en-suite makes such a huge difference to families and with the additional space I’m able to get Charlie out of the cot and play like a baby should. Everything has been really well thought out for both the child and their families. Simply having built-in lockers to store belongings not only improves the space for the staff when they’re caring for Charlie but also just makes it a more pleasant place to stay in.”

“Looking to the future we are now just waiting for Charlie to be big enough and then he’s going to have a transplant as his dad is a match. No matter what happens we will always be indebted to Great Ormond Street Hospital. They saved his life and there isn’t a more precious gift than that.”

Huge thanks to the thousands of customers at The Entertainer who rounded up their toy purchases and helped the charity give a different type of gift to children like Charlie and their families. Isn’t it amazing what your pennies help to achieve?




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