Every year, almost 4,000 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK. This means over ten youngsters – and their families – are given this life changing news every single day.

Children with Cancer UK family webDespite the huge advances that have been made in recent decades to improve treatments, cancer remains the leading medical cause of death in children and young people (from as young as one to 24 years old).

This is why Children with Cancer UK invests millions of pounds every year in essential research, welfare and campaigning programmes to save young lives and it’s why your pennies, donated when booking activity camps with Barracudas, are so important.

Your micro-donations help Children with Cancer UK fund its vital work, which includes investing in research into these devastating childhood cancers. For example, just a few months of micro-donations from Barracudas’ customers raises enough to fund a single cDNA synthesis kit. These kits allow researchers to make DNA from RNA isolated from leukaemia cells, an essential step in examining how active a cancer gene is.

As well as contributing to this crucial research, donations help raise awareness and support those families living with childhood cancer. Micro-donations can fund valuable welfare projects, from activity camps and days out, to helping hospices across the country offer the care young people with cancer need. For more stories of the patients your pennies can help, visit the Children with Cancer UK website.

A big thank you from Pennies and Children with Cancer UK. The impact of your donations is real, and together we can increase survival rates and improve the quality of life following treatment for thousands of youngsters.


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