Adnams and their customers have raised a substantial amount via Pennies since 2012 for a variety of brilliant causes. Just last year, from August to October 2017, customers of the award-winning brewer and distiller made over 46,000 micro-donations when shopping on the Adnams website and in stores across the UK, raising over £10,000 for then-charity partner Dementia Adventure.

Dementia Adventure is a multi-award winning charity with a simple mission: to enable people living with dementia to get outdoors, connect with nature, themselves and their community, and retain a sense of adventure in their lives.

They provide fully supported short breaks for people living with dementia, their partners, family and friends to enjoy together as an alternative to traditional respite – focusing on what people can achieve rather than what they cannot.

Dementia Adventure provide support to people with dementia and their family and friends on holidays.

Rachel took her first break with Dementia Adventure on the Isle of Wight, a break which gave her and husband Brian, who has dementia, the chance to do the things they love and enjoy time together again. As with everyone who takes a break with the charity, Rachel and Brian were supported by trained team members throughout– an extra pair of hands to help with as much or as little as they require.

‘It sounded like it could be brilliant or a nightmare […] my fears were quickly allayed. We were with people who understood. I could relax and enjoy being looked after too. I had nothing to organise. Brian felt relaxed. Everything was high quality.’

Supporting the community and being a responsible business are both important parts of Adnams’ core values which is why, in 2012, Adnams introduced Pennies to their Cellar & Kitchen Stores – adding it to the Adnams website in 2016 too. Customers now raise thousands of pounds in total every month.

For example £50, or 5000 pennies, could help pay for a supported short break for somebody with dementia. From August to October 2017, customers were raising this much across Adnams’ website and stores in just 4 hours! Pennies donations also enabled Dementia Adventure to reduce the cost of support during breaks – making them more affordable for people in particular financial hardship.

Thanks to your support, people like Rachel and Brian are able to enjoy life again and feel like they aren’t missing out on holidays of a lifetime.

People living with Dementia attending a Dementia Adventure holiday.

‘For weeks after the holiday, I found myself smiling and feeling relaxed. Brian equally seemed to feel the benefits. We had felt normal again and could be hopeful about the future.’


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