Benefiting from a share of every donation made through Pennies, Youth Music has received well over £16,000 so far from donations.

The charity is able to use this mSophie - Youth Musiconey to fund projects that make a huge impact on the lives of young people, including those with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.

Just this year, a Youth Music funded project run by CSV in Preston made a real difference to young teenager Sophie, who had lived the majority of her life in the care system and has to deal with stressful issues in day-to-day life.

Through the project, Sophie was able to meet new friends, work on her social skills and practice independent working.

During her initial spell of activity at CSV Sophie completed an NCFE Level 1 Podcast qualification and did her first ever live performance singing on a stage. After begging her school teachers to let her do more music with CSV, she now returns every Wednesday and is a mentor for other young people attending Youth Music placements.

“My experiences of Youth Music were absolutely fabulous. I loved how I mixed with different kinds of personalities. It was great how you helped me to complete my qualifications,” she says.

Without Youth Music, the opportunity may not have been available for Sophie to forget her problems for one whole day every week, and just enjoy making music and making friends. The charity can fund just 40% of the projects they would like to, making your pennies extremely valuable. Every donation through Pennies helps ensure they can reach more young people like Sophie, supporting them to take a break from their troubles and gain confidence.




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