Pennies is all about harnessing the power of your spare change, collecting it up and distributing it to charities big and small across the UK.

Youth-Music-Musical-Mums-199x300On a regular basis, we’ll be sharing with you how your donations are making a real difference to people’s lives. One of the charities benefiting from Pennies donations is Youth Music, who have so far received over £9,000 through Pennies.

Youth Music use the power of music to touch the lives of more than 150,000 young people through projects that they develop and fund. Many of the young people they work with are from severely disadvantaged backgrounds, so music making projects act as a life-line and a spring board to a brighter future.

One of the projects that is being supported through Pennies donations is Musical Mums, an initiative that works with teenage mothers. The weekly sessions offer the mothers and their children the opportunity to bond in a way that is otherwise unavailable in their day-to-day lives, learning together in a fun environment, gaining new skills and confidence and making new friends.

One such mother is Carly* who first attended the project with her son, when she was almost 17. A teenage resident in one of the more socially deprived wards in Harrogate, Carly engaged with the project well and was one of the more active participants. She identified the sessions as a positive aspect of getting used to becoming a mum at a young age. She also engaged well with the other participants and had a confident and sociable outlook.

However, when her first son was 1 year old Carly became pregnant again. During this time, she stopped coming to Musical Mum sessions while she juggled home life, a young child and a twin-pregnancy.

Carly’s twins were born premature, introducing a range of complications into the young mother’s life. However as soon as she could be out and about with the twins she returned to Musical Mums with all three sons, showing a great deal of confidence, and became a key participant in the project once again.

Carly’s return to the programme after her second pregnancy illustrates the positive impact Musical Mums has on young mothers, providing a time and environment in which mothers and babies are able to bond and develop through music and play, whilst building up a vital social support network.

Carly’s story is far from unique and as charity budgets continue to be stretched your pennies become increasingly important to enable our recipient charities to continue this great work. Thanks to all who have donated so far, pennies really can make a difference.

*Names have been changed


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