Since 2017, Pennies has partnered with several retailers to support Stroke Association and all their hard work. To date, Pennies has helped raise over £35,000 for the charity to aid those who have suffered from stroke.

Pennies first supported Stroke Association through a partnership with Voisins department store in Jersey in 2017. Since then, Stroke Association has been supported through micro-donations made by customers ordering pizza with Papa John’s, and as of March 2020, by customers at Rontec roadside retail sites, who have been generously adding 25p donations to their purchases throughout the pandemic. Rontec and customers have already raised over £25,000 for the charity.

The Stroke Association believes in life after stroke. That’s why the charity supports survivors to make the best recovery they can, campaigns for better stroke care and funds research to develop new treatments and prevention. Their support services help hundreds of thousands of people through one of the most frightening experiences of their lives and your micro-donations have acted as vital funding for the charity, helping them impact the lives of people like Andy and Edward.

Andy and Edward’s story

Andy Pearce had a severe haemorrhagic stroke in May 2013.  Andy’s son Edward, who was nine at the time, realised that his father needed support, and as his parents were divorced, Edward made the decision to live with his father and become his primary carer.

Edward took on the responsibility for general housework, cooking, and looking after his father’s needs, waking up at 6am every day to clean and sort washing before walking 2.5 miles to school.

Andy said:

“It is hard to express just how incredibly proud I am of Edward. He is my rock. Without him I would be on my own and struggling to cope with the effects of my stroke. He has been forced to grow up extremely quickly and yet he never complains. It breaks my heart that he isn’t having a ‘normal’ childhood. Every day I wish that Edward didn’t have to shoulder so much responsibility, but he’s growing into a mature, kind and caring young man.”

Despite a demanding caring schedule, Edward kept up with his schoolwork and football practice, and was given eight platinum awards for attitude to learning in his school reports at the time.

In 2017, Edward was awarded a Life After Stroke Carers Award by the Stroke Association.. These awards recognise the courage, compassion and commitment of those helping rebuild lives after stroke and help raise awareness of the services available to people like Andy and Edward.

Juliet Bouverie, Chief Executive of the Stroke Association said:

“Edward’s decision to care for his father in stressful circumstances is outstanding and demonstrates real maturity at such a young age. Caring can be extremely hard, even if you are helping someone you love. Edward’s selflessness and his commitment are inspiring. In adversity he has stepped up and shown himself to be both generous and capable. He really is a stroke hero.”

How you can keep helping those like Andy and Edward

Andy said:

“When I had my stroke, the Stroke Association website was invaluable to me to find out about my condition and what the future may hold. Following my return home from hospital, my local Stroke Association co-ordinator was extremely helpful to me with things such as filling in forms to claim disability benefits and applying for my blue badge, things which as a stroke survivor I would have found quite difficult.”

You can continue to donate to the cause through Pennies when shopping at Rontec petrol forecourts for the next few weeks. When paying for your petrol or groceries by card or mobile wallet, you’ll be given the option to add a 25p micro-donation in support of Stroke Association – all you have to do is press ‘Yes’ on the PIN pad.

Your micro-donations add up to make a huge difference and help Stroke Association to rebuild more lives.


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