Since 2017Drake and Morgan diners have been raising money for cancer support charity Maggie’s – by topping up their bill by 50p with Pennies. As the partnership heads into its third year, over £64,000 has been raised for the charity in order to ensure those living with cancer have all the support they need. 

Vicky, mum of two, went to Maggie’s for support when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Their support helped her understand what was happening and prepare her family for the difficult times ahead. 

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Two days before Christmas in 2014, Vicky was told she might have cancer after having had found two little lumps in her breast. She was only 35 and her two boys, William and Oliver, were five and seven at the time. 

That night, after she had put her boys to bed, she couldn’t stop going over what had just happened. She couldn’t sleep and tried to distract herself by wrapping presents for her sons, but couldn’t stop thinking how she might never see another Christmas with them again. 

Being diagnosed 

The day before New Year’s Eve it was confirmed that she had cancer. After a CT scan, they found five tumours and the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. 

Telling the boys was difficult and her youngest, William, asked her if she was going to die. That was horrendous, and she told them they just had to get through the next few months. 

Vicky was told that before she could start chemotherapy, she’d have to have her breast and lymph nodes removed. She remembers walking to the operating theatre and just breaking down. She wanted the cancer out of her, but she felt scared and it suddenly seemed to all sink in. 

Maggie’s helped her understand what was happening 

Vicky honestly can’t imagine what it would have been like to go through all this without Maggie’s. She remember the first time she went to the centre; her dad was with her and she had burst into tears; it felt like everyone was there to help her. 

The staff helped her to understand what was happening and what treatment would be like, so she was able to prepare. They told her that the chemo she was going to have would probably leave her feeling really ill for a couple of days after she had it. This meant she knew to arrange with her parents to have them look after her boys so they wouldn’t see her looking really sick. 

Vicky can’t conceive how she would have got through the exhaustion of chemo and the pain and worry of her operations without Maggie’s. Even after treatment, Maggie’s helped her to manage side effects and gave her the support she needed to get back into a normal life and back to work.  

How you can help 

Vicky will never forget what it was like to wonder if she’d live to see her sons grow up and if she’d have more family Christmases together. 

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Support from Maggie’s can make such a difference for people facing cancer, and it’s only available because of people who donate to make sure Maggie’s are there for every person who needs and relies on them. 

To make sure Maggie’s are there for even more people, donate your extra pennies when you’re at a Drake and Morgan restaurant to support Maggie’s and people like Vicky and her family.  


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