Roadside retailer Rontec has been supporting charities via Pennies since October 2014. From October 2016, for 11 months, Rontec consumers pulled together and managed to raise an astounding £230,000 for 2 chosen charities, including Diabetes UK.

Diabetes UK works to support the 4.5 million people in the UK living with diabetes. Diabetes UK provides information, advice and support to help people with diabetes manage the condition well. They provide life-changing events such as ‘Type 1 events’, which have already helped 538 people in the past two years and are about building confidence for people like David and his family.

Diabetes UK Type 1 event rowing

‘They will learn how to manage their Type 1 away from home and in new situations’

David was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2011 when he was eight. Since then, he has been on three ‘Type 1’ events, including a family weekend with his mum, Julie, and two week-long events for children. Since attending these camps David no longer feels like he is so alone, he no longer feels like he is the only one fighting a daily battle of carb counting and learning how to use complex equipment.

‘I am not the only one dealing with diabetes every day’.
– David

Rontec introduced Pennies to its petrol forecourt sites in 2014, offering customers popping in for anything from petrol to milk the chance to donate a few pennies to charity. By the end of their partnership last September, Rontec’s customer donations had raised £115,000 for Diabetes UK* and changed the lives of many adults, young people and their families, who are suffering from the challenges of diabetes.

‘It has had a dramatic effect on our lives. I was a single parent and although my employers were generally very understanding I had to reduce my hours and income to care for David. I would wake up in the middle of the night worrying about how I was going to manage’.
– Julie (David’s Mum)

Diabetes UK Type 1 events David

With the help of Rontec and your donations Julie’s first question to David does not always have to be ‘What are your bloods?’ but instead ‘How was your day?

Just 500 pennies can make this happen by funding a one-hour session for a child to learn about blood testing with a diabetes nurse. On average it took Rontec customers across the country just 10 minutes to raise enough for this type of session, simply by donating a few extra pennies through the digital charity box. Thanks to your support, more diabetes sufferers can live a normative life.

*between October 2016 – Sept 2017 customers raised £230,000 in total, £115,000 each for Diabetes UK and Asthma UK


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