Access to clean water is something that we take for granted every day. However, in Kenya more than 10,000 children die each year from preventable water related diseases.

????????????????????????????????????Up until 2015, Miangeni School in Makueni County, Kenya, had no water supply. This meant that every one of its 114 students was required to bring between 3 and 5 litres of water to school each day. Often the nearest water source was up to a 2km walk away, meaning that the children would have long journeys in the dark before school, with an added risk of being attacked. Even then, this water was often dirty and contaminated, leaving large proportions of children missing school due to water related illnesses such as diarrhea and dysentery.

The lack of access to clean water meant that school fees also had to be higher, as additional water frequently had to be purchased by the school. One of the students commented:

“Water is a big problem in our school because we depend on boozers and carts to transport water to the school and the river … all these water sources are very unreliable. Many are the times that we stay without water in the school or it’s brought to school very late, this means delay in our learning program. You can’t imagine all this expense is added into our school fees structure becoming a burden to our parents.”

Over the past year and a half Just a Drop, an international water aid charity, have been supported by Monarch Airlines. Through the airline’s partnership with Pennies, generous customers have raised over £7000 for the charity by adding just 50p to their online flight and holiday bookings.

Showing that every penny really does make a difference, this money has helped Just a Drop to build a rain water harvesting tank at Miangeni School. This has had an enormous impact on over 100 children’s lives, who now thanks to your help have access to clean and safe water all year round.

This has not only prevented long walks and decreased sickness rates to almost zero, but has also enabled every student to receive a meal from the vegetables growing in the garden. The head teacher has reported that this has helped the students to be more attentive and better able to learn, which highlights the fantastic influence that each micro-donation has made.

Just a Drop Kenya School Children webIn addition, the money saved from not buying water has meant that the school has been able to build a dormitory for 165 girls, allowing them to accommodate and educate more students than ever before.

With just £1 providing safe water to a child for up to 10 years, your pennies have a real impact and are helping to save the lives of the most vulnerable across the world. With your continued support, Just a Drop can carry on transforming children’s lives across the world by giving them the gift of water.


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