Since 2016, pizza-loving Domino’s customers in the Republic of Ireland have been raising money for children’s charity Barretstown – by rounding up their orders with Pennies. As the partnership heads into its fourth year, over €65,000 has been raised for the charity in order to ensure children and families living with long term illnesses have all the support they need.

Barretstown is a charity that supports families who have children with long term illnesses, mainly cancer and blood diseases. The charity provides camps and programmes designed to help equip and support families both physically and emotionally, with lasting impact.

The camp endeavours to create a safe and carefree atmosphere, allowing children to share experiences and make new friends. It is reported that children who have undertaken the Barretstown camp programmes have left feeling more confident and reassured.

The €65,000 recieved to date – made up of more than 300,000 individual micro-donations – helping Barretstown support more families and more children, like Katie-Mai.

Katie-Mai and her family

Katie-Mai’s story

Katie-Mai is bright, lively and fun-loving. However at the age of three, during the Christmas period, she was diagnosed with leukaemia.

It was the first Christmas Katie-Mai and her siblings were all at an age to truly enjoy the season. One day the kids were all playing together, and the next, Katie-Mai’s siblings were visiting her in hospital in a state of lifelessness. The fear of losing the baby of their family was overwhelming and their family life as they knew it was completely destroyed.

Katie-Mai during treatment

When Katie-Mai and her family came to Barretstown, it allowed them a place where their main focus could be each other, while Barretstown took care of the rest.

The kids enjoyed themselves so much so they hadn’t realised they were undergoing a specialised therapeutic recreation programme. The programme was developed by Barretstown and has been proven to help with recovery for the whole family.

Ostensibly, for the children, the camp is a place of fun and respite, but it is actually designed to repair and help recover children and families living with serious illnesses.

How you can help

These are just a few ways Barretstown helps children so that instead of worrying about being sick, these children can spend their precious time enjoying life.

Just a day of micro-donations could help to fund one of Barretstown’s essential therapeutic activities for a day too, turning digital small change into life-changing support. You can continue to help children like Katie-Mai and bring families joy by donating your extra cents when ordering with Domino’s online and in-app in Ireland.


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