As the week comes to an end, we have some behind the scenes news from our second work experience student of the summer! Alexa shares her thoughts about her experience at Pennies and an insight into what she got up to…

With my latte in one hand and google maps directions in the other, I was on my way to learn as much as possible about the charity Pennies. Having very little information about the charity, I walked onto the 3rd floor. As it was the Tuesday after a bank holiday weekend, everyone was very focused on their work, however still made the time to explain to me their position in the business and what they do.

With only one hour in, I was invited to sit in to a call with a company to discuss various topics and opportunities for using pennies in their firm. This call really helped me understand how the process works to get a merchant to use the digital charity box. Even though a lot of the terminology went straight over my head, I did grasp a couple terms that were repeated to me throughout the whole week.

Alexa work experience

Having various members of the team explain their job role really gave me a good insight into what it is like working in a cross-sector organisation like Pennies. It is such an interdisciplinary space which ensures that everyone is able to contribute, making the charity so driven.

With Pennies being a fintech charity, I was honoured to have an insight into have the actual micro donations work and how the money ends up at the charity. With no real background in computer science or finance, the process was described to me in a way which made it easier to understand.

The concept of Pennies is so original and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to complete a week of work experience here. At the rate that it is going right now, I am so excited to see where Pennies will be in the near future.

Throughout my week here, I got set multiple tasks which ranged from research to updating folders within the computer system. This truly made me feel involved within the firm and everyone was always willing to give me something new and different to do. Doing these responsibilities really exposed to me how much happens in the background that no one ever really sees.

Having never really seen Pennies around (sorry, Pennies!), I was astounded to be shown what companies they are and hope to be partnering with. For such a small group of people working here, the exposure that Pennies has and will have in the future is unreal. There are 30% more retailers that offer Pennies since 2016, which highlights how rapidly they are expanding.



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