Our Coronavirus Response

Whether you are a charity, retailer or member of the public, Pennies wants to make raising funds even more accessible during these difficult times. Because micro-donations matter, now more than ever.

How Pennies can help right now

Pennies is working hard to ensure we help unlock the power of micro-donations – giving everyone the opportunity to donate small amounts, adding up to a make a great difference.

It’s why we are encouraging retailers to add Pennies to their e-commerce platforms in order to help raise money for charities that desperately need it. To learn more about how Pennies can support you, click the links on our sidebar, or read our full statement here.


Micro-donations to combat Coronavirus – a fundraiser from Pennies

Additional charity funds are vital right now, so Pennies is also raising money for two key appeals – National Emergencies Trust’s Coronavirus Appeal and NHS Charities Together’s COVID-19 Urgent Appeal. Previously we ran a fundraiser on our Facebook page that has since closed, but you can continue to donate on JustGiving, 

You can make a micro-donation with Pennies and we’ll grant 100% of funds raised, split equally, to these two charities tackling the crisis right now. You don’t need to give a lot.  With micro-donations, a little can go a long way.

If you would like to donate or find out more, visit Pennies JustGiving page or click the link below.

How your pennies count

We know how powerful a small donation can be. No matter how much you give, you can make a positive, life-changing difference to those most affected by coronavirus, and the people caring for them.


to our target of £10,000

Our target for our fundraiser is £10,000. With your support we can raise thousands to support those most affected by coronavirus. To donate, visit us on our JustGiving page here.


of funds go to charity

Pennies is granting all funds raised, split equally, to National Emergencies Trust and NHS Charities Together’s COVID-19 Urgent Appeal. Find out more below.

Fundraising in support of

National Emergencies Trust

NET is an independent charity that collaborates with other charities and bodies to raise and distribute money at the time of a domestic disaster. Launched by the Duke of Cambridge, NET’s Coronavirus Appeal aims to raise funds to provide local charities and grassroots organisations throughout the UK the vital support they need to help, the people who need it the most, in the quickest way possible.

Find out more.

NHS Charities Together

NHS Charities Together represents, supports and champions the work of the NHS’ official charities. In response to the recent outbreak of coronavirus, the charity is working with NHS England and 140 member NHS charities on a nationally co-ordinated response. A national appeal is live now that acknowledges and supports NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients.

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