UK Giving 2011, the report published today by NCVO and Charities Aid Foundation has shown that, as we all know, the British public continues to be incredibly generous. The great news is that the number of people donating to charity has increased even in these challenging economic times and £11 billion has been raised over the past year which is similar to the amount raised the year before. The not so good news is that in this tough economic climate with high inflation and funding cuts, that money has to be stretched even further than before and demands on charities are likely to increase.

Here at Pennies, we are working to help many charities boost their funds through generating a new revenue stream that consumers are already getting behind. We make it easy for UK consumers to give pennies when using a debit or credit card when shopping either in stores, online or even using their mobile phone. Everyone can donate just a few pennies if they chose to do so and using technology makes it a private, hassle free option. We know that even tiny donations are valuable as they add up to making a meaningful difference to those who are in need of help.

The report also features Steve Bridger, Director of Spring and Beyond Profit Partner at Visceral Business, who talks about the fundraising potential of the web and mobile. We totally support this point of view. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in our lives and we need to ensure fundraising reflects that changing lifestyle. Technology hasn’t yet increased overall levels of giving, but without it giving would be down. We believe that going forward it has the potential to transform giving in the same way technology is transforming our lifestyles.

Micro-donations by card whether you are shopping in store, online or via your mobile are very affordable and bring both new giving and new givers. There are currently over 9 billion annual card transactions in the UK alone and only a fraction of these currently give consumers an option to donate. We encourage more retailers to join in this movement, unlocking the opportunity for more consumers to give more pennies. Pennies are powerful and could add up to millions of pounds of new funding for charities across the UK.


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