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Find out how you can implement digital micro-donations in your customer journey, unlocking tech for good.

For retailers

Implementing Pennies in e-commerce

Whether a pure-play business, a retailer introducing a multichannel donation option to complement fundraising in-store or a merchant with a new but growing e-commerce channel, Pennies supports partners to deliver our innovative donation option to customers.

API and cartridges

Pennies’ digital donation option can be integrated with e-commerce and m-commerce sites through the Pennies API, or with the official Pennies Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magento 2 cartridges, and can be up and running within a few weeks.


Tried and tested

These solutions are tried and tested, and can handle high donation volumes on busy, high-traffic websites. More than 50 million donations have been made through Pennies in e-commerce environments to date.

Pennies API

Pennies offers an API that is simple to integrate into e-commerce websites, mobile apps and card present payment systems.

Pennies API allows developers to quickly add Pennies functionality to a retailer’s applications, whilst leaving the look and feel of the experience in the hands of the business and web designers. Donations are reported in real time allowing for an extremely simple reconciliation process.

Request our API documentation to find out more.

Magento 2 cartridge

E-commerce merchants on the Magento 2 platform can utilise the official Magento 2 Pennies extension. Our digital charity box extension integrates simply into the Magento checkout process and Pennies provides support throughout the implementation process and beyond.

The team will help you tailor the donation function to your customer journey, using our knowledge of consumer behaviour.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge

Salesforce Commerce Cloud users can add Pennies to their e-commerce journey using our official Salesforce Integration.

Pennies’ “digital charity box” extension integrates simply into the checkout process, providing users with the ability to add a small charity donation to their transaction. Automated reconciliation reporting allows for a simple settlement process, ensuring donations are paid over to charity quickly. 

Request our API documentation to find out more.

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