Back in November 2010, Pennies launched with our first partner Domino’s Pizza. Since then, millions of small change donations have been made by customers rounding up their food orders online with the popular pizza delivery company.

SOGB-Athlete-Gareth-Lloyd-Case-study-for-blog-training-programmeThe majority of these donations have gone to help people who have learning disabilities become Special Olympics GBathletes and develop in confidence and ability as they compete  around the world.

Thanks to funding from these pennies, Special Olympics GB have been able to continue to develop the skills of its volunteers and athletes through its partnership with Sports Leaders UK.

For the first time, training for a Certificate in Sports Leadership has been offered to Special Olympics Wales clubs and over 100 Special Olympics volunteers and athletes have already received their Certificates.

One of the benefits of this training is that it gives Special Olympics athletes like Gareth Lloyd (pictured) the chance to learn how to lead a group. This offers a stepping stone to anyone who wants to boost or develop their skills to help them in coaching or running a Special Olympics GB club.

Bob Billson, Special Olympics’ GB Development Manager, explained: “Our volunteers and athletes can access the Sports Leadership Award at various dates and venues around the country thanks to a partnership with Sports Leaders UK and funding from Pennies. One of our aims is to increase of number of our Special Olympics athletes taking part in leadership training and to have at least 15 accredited Sport Leaders tutors throughout the country by July 2014.”

Special Olympics GB currently benefit from a share of donations made online at Domino’s and with more training courses being planned for the South West of Wales, Scotland and London, there are plenty of opportunities for pennies from pizza fans to continue to make a difference.

Since November 2012, Special Olympics GB have also benefited from donations made by customers shopping online at Evans Cycles. We’ll soon by sharing news on this blog about the cycling programme the charity has launched thanks to these donations – keep your eyes peeled!


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