Pennies hits 190,000 donations and £43,000 raised in three months

By rounding-up and giving their pennies, consumers have together already raised more than £43,000, which has all been donated to a total of 11 charities.

Commenting, Alison Hutchison, CEO of The Pennies Foundation, which created Pennies, said: “We are amazed by the huge numbers of generous people that have chosen to donate their electronic pennies. If there was ever a need to prove that every single penny counts, we now have over £40,000 worth of evidence. Many of the donations are literally a penny or two, but it all adds up and this is real money that will help charities deliver services to real people in need. Three months from launch, Pennies is starting to make a difference and we couldn’t be happier. It doesn’t stop here as more partners are joining in.”


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