During the month of March, Pennies the electronic charity box received the highest amount in donations to date, with over £17,000 raised from more than 70,800 consumer donations.

Since going live five months ago, 322,000 consumer donations have been made through Pennies and, proving that those pennies really do add up, £74,500 has been raised for charity.

Every penny of these funds will be distributed to 13 UK registered charities.

Commenting, Alison Hutchison, CEO of The Pennies Foundation, said: “To receive over £17,000 worth of donations in one month alone is really encouraging.  Every month we get confirmation that micro-donations are truly popular with consumers and add up to large amounts in a short space of time.  We are excited at the prospects of raising even more money for charities in the coming months as more retailers come on board”.


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